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Character Profiles G-L


George is a Grumpy steam roller who has strong dislike for the railway wanting them to be replaced with roads. When he arrived on Sodor in 1962, he immediately entered a conflict with Sir Handel, who was boastful about his broad tyres, which Skarloey decided to trick him into confronting George. After doing so, the two disliked each other immediately. One afternoon, Sir Handel was taking a Goods Train along a road-railway parallel which George had accidentally smashed into the side of Sir Handel’s Train. As a result a fence was built between the road and railway. When the work was over, the workmen took George away which Sir Handel took credit for. After that George worked around Ffarquhar where he once confronted Daisy. He and the workmen had left some road cones where they were working which one day; the wind blew on the rails. When Daisy passed through, they struck the Cone, jamming her brakes. Daisy was convinced George did this on purpose. In 1998 George caused more trouble, this time on the Main Line. He paved over a railway line causing Thomas to crash and refused to move for Duck which caused Gordon to destroy a Truck still stuck on the main line while taking the express. The Fat Controller decided to take George’s roller away for a whole week. This may or may not have taught him to behave better. After that George however has had little contact with the Engines other than being taken by Thomas to help pave the runway. George was originally to have a role in “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” in which he was to do some of Diesel 10’s biding and smash every buffer on the railway in search of the magic buffers. However his model was never even taken out of storage.


Gertrude and Millicent

Gertrude and Millicent are two coaches which the Skarloey Railway built while Skarloey was away. They run on bogies which make Sir Handel believe that they are the only “proper” coaches on the railway.



Godred was a mountain Engine, built in 1895 at Winterthur, Switzerland. He was named after Godred MacHarold, a former king on Sodor and the Isle of Man. He was arrogant from the start and he believed should he have any trouble, his automatic brakes would save him. Barely a month after the Railway opened, Godred fell off the rails and fell down the mountain and he was sent to the back of the shed in disgrace. According to Culdee, he was used for parts for other engines. However whether this is true or not is rather debatable as it states he made that up. He was scrapped by 1900. He was painted in the typical Mountain Engine color, Purple with Orange stripes while in the magazines; he was painted red with black lining and black buffers.



Gordon is a blue LNER Class A1/A3 express engine, built by Sir Nigel Gresley at Doncaster Works in 1922 with a GNR eight wheeled tender and green livery. When arriving to Sodor, Gordon was given Blue paint. Gordon is used mainly for passenger duties, pulling the express known as the “Wild Nor’ Wester” but on occasion pulls goods trains but due to the fact that he finds pulling them “undignified” he many times has gotten into trouble. Gordon’s important position makes him proud, pompous and arrogant. Gordon’s philosophy “tender engines don’t shunt” makes him look down on tank engines and tenders that do shunt. Because of his rank in the social order of the North Western Railway, Gordon expects to get the important jobs and either sulks when he doesn't, or gets jealous of those who do. Gordon has become famous for many of his adventures such as in 1953 when he pulled Queen Elizabeth II’s royal train. And Again in 1956 when he traveled to London. Gordon is Number 4.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” Gordon was voiced by Neil Crone.


Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a LNER Class V2 built in 1936 at Doncaster Work. Thomas met him after he came from an unusual arrival from the back of a Lorry to find Green Arrow being repaired. Green Arrow is preserved at the National Railway Museum.



Gwen was a Coach that operated with Godred on the Culdee Fell Railway. Her fate after Godred’s accident is unknown



Hank is an American Pennsylvania Railroad's K4 Pacific built in 1914 by Matthias W. Baldwin. Hank arrived in 2008 to help out on the railway. He arrived at Brendam Docks where Thomas and Percy were waiting to greet him. The Fat Controller ordered Hank to help Thomas out with his heavy load but after Hank called Thomas “one of the finest little engines he’d ever seen”, Thomas was determined to manage the load himself. As the load got heavier, Hank constantly offered to help. Eventually Thomas’ cylinders broke and finally accepted Hank’s offer to help. Hank helped Thomas deliver the rest of the Trucks and pushed Thomas to Knapford where the other engines were waiting to welcome Hank.



Harold is a Sikorsky S-55 helicopter used for patrolling the railway. Harold was built in 1949 under the name Westland Whirlwand. He came to Sodor in 1956. Harold thinks that railways are slow and out of date, but was proven wrong when Percy beat him in a race. Harold is owned by the Coast Guard on Sodor and lives at Dryaw Airport near Thomas’ Branch Line. He keeps a watchful eye over Sodor in case of trouble.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” Harold was voiced by Kevin Frank.



Harvey is a tank engine with a crane mounted on top of his boiler, which makes him look rather odd. He was built in 1903 and when it was found out that Billy needed an overhaul, Harvey was shipped to Sodor in 2001. The other engines teased Harvey because of his crane arm. However when Percy had an accident at Bulgy’s bridge, Harvey was called to rescue him and the engines realized that what made him different made him special. Harvey has proved himself really useful and is used for maintenance, building and clearing up. He mainly works at Brendam Docks and his favorite place, the Water Works.



Hector is a large black Coal Hopper. When he first arrived to Sodor in 2007, he was seemingly mean and aggressive. He was a pain for Bill and Ben when they towed him into the yards. Later he was apparently the long awaited new leader for the Trucks since S.C.Ruffey was destroyed. He struck fear into Thomas and he was afraid to shunt Hector for James and Edward’s train. Though after he scared Rosie away, Thomas had decided to stand up to him and he bumped him causing him to crash through some buffers into some Coal. Hector had decided to confess to Thomas that he was mean to cover up the fact that he was scared of being loaded with Coal. After being helped back onto the rails by Rocky, Thomas showed him that being loaded with Coal is quite fun actually.



Helena was a four-wheeled coach that operated with Albert on the Furness Railway with Victoria. She operated along with Victoria though what happened to her is not very clear.



Henrietta is Toby’s faithful Coach. She would often complain back on Toby’s old railway about how she used to be full and nine Trucks would rattle behind her. Since the passenger rate declined due to Lorries and Buses taking place of Henrietta, there was little use for her or the Trucks. When the Railway closed, she was to be used as a hen house, but when the Fat Controller called Toby to work on his line, he brought her with. Henrietta is quite happy that she has more passengers to work with. In the 2007 release of “Thomas & Victoria”, she had a small face on her cab door.



Henry is a green hypochondriac mixed-traffic engine. Henry was built in 1920 from plans stolen from Sir Nigel Gresley and is described a cross between GNR/LNER Class A3 and a GCR C1 Atlantic. He was sold to Sir Topham Hatt, who was desperate for engines. Henry was in vain in 1922, when he stopped in a tunnel and refused to come out, citing his paintwork would be spoiled by the rain. After several attempts to pull him out failed, he was bricked up in the tunnel. He was let out after Gordon broke down. In 1949, he started having major problems with steam. This was attributed to his small firebox thus the problem could only be solved with Welsh Coal. In February 1950, while pulling the Flying Kipper, he had an accident cause by a jammed signal and rammed right into James’ Goods Train. He was then sent to Crewe and was rebuilt into a Stainer 5MT. While after that it solved Henry’s problems, he still shows problems as it is received that in 2006, he started using special coal again. Henry is Number 3.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”, Henry was voiced by Kevin Frank.



Hiro is a Japanese Engine that arrived to Sodor in 2009. He is subject to be the main character in the upcoming CGI special “Hero of the Rails” and possibly Season 13. All that is known is that he was found in an old workshop by Thomas and was fully restored by the Fat Controller.


Horace Schemer

Horace Schemer or simply just known as Schemer runs the Shining Time Station arcade. He was portrayed by Brian O’Connor. He is (as his name implies) always trying to find new ways to scheme people out of they’re money. His nephew, Schemee, often helps him with his schemes. Schemer also believes that the strange going ons in Shining Time Station are because it’s haunted. Despite being a major character in “Shining Time Station”, Schemer did not appear in “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” however he is still mention worthy as he was part of Thomas’ American spin-off.


Horrid Lorries

The Horrid Lorries are three small Lorries that were brought to Sodor in 1998 by Cranky after Percy was late one day. The Lorries were all rude and insulted all the engines they came upon. For example they dubbed Percy as “little goblin on wheels” and insulted Toby as belonging in a museum. Soon enough they got they’re comeuppance; Lorry 2 had fallen off a mountainside loaded with Stone, Lorry 3 had broken down at the gates with an overloaded load of flour and Lorry 1 (named “Stupid Lorry” by a Dockside worker) had fallen into the sea while backing up. Before being sent away, Thomas dubbed them as “Smash”, “Broken” and “Sunk”.


Iron Duke

Iron Duke (a replica of the original Iron Duke) is an old engine that Thomas met in “Thomas & the Great Railway Show”. The original Iron Duke was built in 1847. He was put on display at the Great Exhibition in 1851. The Replica was a top attraction at the National Railway Museum. In 2006, Iron Duke was sent to Bristol to be housed in a shed alongside the famous iron steamship, SS Great Britain as part of the 200th birthday celebration of Ismabard Kingdom Brunel.


Isabel and Dulcie

Isabel and Dulcie are Oliver’s coaches. Isabel was saved from Scrap with Oliver and Toad by Douglas. The origin of her name comes from the fact that she has a bell. Dulcie was saved from scrap along with Duck’s coaches, Alice and Mirabel by The Fat Controller. He gave her to operate with Oliver and Isabel.



Isobella is a yellow sentinel Lorry who is number 22 in the Pack. She is a hard worker but is always mindful of her paint. She can sometimes be rather cheeky and temperamental. Isobella is same type of Sentinel Lorry that Elizabeth is based on.


Ivo Hugh

Ivo Hugh is the former Number 7 in the Narrow Gauge Railway. He was built in 1949 and rebuilt in 1996 by the workmen at Crovan’s Gate. He is named after Mr. Ivo Hugh, the former Chief Mechanical Engineer. In the TV Series the title of number 7 was occupied by a new engine named Fearless Freddie.



Jack is a friendly and enthusiastic front loader that arrived to Sodor in 2002. He is number 11 in the Pack. Jack did well at first with Alfie. However he was over-eager to help out and tried to load Max and tumbled over a ledge. Jack tried not to do other’s jobs but he jumped in when Thomas was coming towards a collapsing bridge, trying to hold the bridge up and damaged his arms. Jack has since become a member of the Pack.



James is a red mixed traffic engine that was built in 1915 by George Hughes at Horwich Works as on 0-6-0 with wooden brakes. James was on the railway on a trial basis. While taking some Trucks, they pushed him and due to his wooden brakes, he couldn’t stop. After this accident he had his front sandboxes removed, was built into a 2-6-0 with proper brakes and a fowler tender and was repainted red with black stripes. He was troublesome when he returned. He was rough with the coaches and sprayed steam all over Knapford Station, ruining The Fat Controller new Top Hat. He was threatened to be re-painted Blue by The Fat Controller. This upset James and as a result he banged the coaches, making a hole in the brake pipe which had to be mended with some newspaper and a leather bootlace. He was shut up in the shed, but after Sir Topham Hatt gave him another chance, he managed to make the lines worst trucks behave. James is number 5.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”, James was voiced by Susan Roman. The voice role along with Percy’s had originally gone to the UK narrator, Michael Angelis.


Jem Cole

Jem Cole is a mechanic that works all around Sodor. He worked with Trevor to spiff him up and also afterwards, became his driver as shown in “Edward, Trevor & the Really Useful Party”. He also restored Elizabeth to her former beauty after she was discovered. He is friendly and also knows how to talk to the engines and machines.



Jeremy is a jet plane from the Sodor Airport. He arrived to Sodor in 2006, when he first arrived; he was boastful and explained how splendid he was. This made Thomas feel bad and wanted to know what it would be like to be a Plane. Later, Jeremy notices theres a storm brewing and goes off to warn Thomas who was taking the Children to the Sodor Summer Picnic. Thomas had an idea to move the picnic to Jeremy’s hangar. Jeremy thought it was a splendid idea. Thomas and Jeremy have been good friends ever since. Jeremy has been used for many tasks afterwards since his arrival such as taking the Duke and Duchess of Boxford Home and taking the Fat Controller on vacation.



Jerry is a Narrow Gauge Engine that worked on the Mid Sodor Railway along with Duke, Stuart, Falcon, Stanley, Jim, Tim and Albert. Jerry is assumed to be a Fletcher Jennings 0-4-0. He was built in 1919. He never appeared in any stories but on Rev W. Awdry’s Mid Sodor Railway model line.



Jim is a Green Narrow Gauge Engine, he was built in 1898. He worked on the Mid Sodor Railway along with Duke, Stuart, Falcon, Tim, Albert, Jerry, Stanley and Bertram. He never appeared in any stories but on Rev W. Awdry’s Mid Sodor Railway model line.


Jinty and Pug

Jinty and Pug are two tank engines. They and five other engines were borrowed from the mainland to run the North Western Railway while the engines visited England. Jinty ran Thomas’ Branch line while Thomas was away and later helped when Thomas crashed through some buffers. Percy knew them before they came to Sodor.



Jock is the newest steam engine on the Arlesdale Railway. He was built in 1976 at Arlesburgh to a design of Ivan Farrier, the lines chief engineer. When Jock first came out for testing, he was unnamed. His name was an Idea by Douglas, remembering his days in the Highland Railway in his youth and suggested the name Jock for the new engine. He is the strongest on the Arlesdale Railway and once towed Mike back to the yard when his injector failed along with his goods train.



Kelly is a Crane and is number 17 on the Pack. Kelly is good at heart and he gets along well with the other engines. Kelly was obtained by Miss Jenny as he was once her father’s. Kelly mainly works with Isobella. He has a slight fear of winds which he conquered it when he had to rescue Isobella.



Kevin is a Crane Diesel Engine that is slated to appear in Season 13. More info is to be announced as his character is yet to be known.


King James I

King James I is a GWR 6000 4-6-0 tender engine who worked alongside Duck in the days when he worked in Paddington. He was mentioned in “James & the Diesel Engines”.



Lady is a Victorian Style Steam Engine. She has magical qualities and is in charge of the Magic Railroad. A Long time ago, Diesel 10 had chased her until, Burnett Stone wrecked Lady. Burnett tried to restore her back at Muffle Mountain, but could not find the right coal to get her steam up. When he did, she came back to the Island. Diesel 10 had found out and chased her. With the help of Thomas, she got away and Diesel 10 fell off the collapsing viaduct. She appeared again in a dream Thomas had in “Calling All Engines” and was seen working in the mountains with Rusty. She gave Thomas advice how to resolve the problems Sodor was facing. She had no magical qualities then.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”, Lady’s voice was provided by series creator Britt Allcroft.


Lady Hatt

Lady Jane Hatt (previously Jane Brown) is Sir Topham Hatt and sister of Sir Handel Brown, the owner of the Skarloey Railway. She is very uptight and likes her rides on the railway to be smooth and dislikes bumpy coaches and traveling in unusual ways, like Hot air Balloons. Despite that she is usually very quiet and didn’t communicate with others much until the 5th Season. She occasionally runs the line when Sir Topham Hatt is ill. She joins the Fat Controller on his Holiday’s along with Stephen and Bridget Hatt. She usually has a grand party for her Birthday though things can go wrong as Sir Topham Hatt found out when he tried to get to her party with a series of unfortunate events that lead to him and his suit being quite dirty.



Lily is the granddaughter of Burnett Stone. She was portrayed by Mara Wilson. She lives in the city with her mother and possibly her father (assuming her parents are together). Lily has a small stuffed Bluebird which of course she names Bluebird. She rarely sees her grandfather and wants a good relationship with him. She got more than that when she got onto the wrong train and instead of heading off to Muffle Mountain, arrived at Shining Time Station, where she met Junior who led her to Sodor. If it wasn’t for Lily, Lady would never have got her magic back and been restored.


Little Barford

Little Barford is a Narrow Gauge Engine that works near a factory. Percy met Little Barford and later told Gordon, who had called him "small", that he was actually "middle-sized". Little Barford only appeared in a magazine story. Little Barford looks similar to Peter Sam.


Lord Callan

Lord Callan is a Scottish born man and is the lord of Callan Castle and the surrounding land including the famed Castle Loch. He generally lets people come to the Castle and gets on well with Donald and Douglas. He seems to be good friends with the Fat Controller as well. He holds a special event every year and takes great pride in the Scottish Flag.


Lord Harry/No. 6/Patrick

Lord Harry currently named Patrick after a climber, is a mountain engine. He was built at Winterthur, Switzerland in 1922 and arrived on the Culdee Fell Railway in 1962 where he was named after the railway’s chairman, Lord Harry Barrane. Lord Harry was a disagreeable, troublesome and frightened his coaches by taking risks. After he derailed at the Summit, he was stripped of his name and was sent to the back of the shed. After being told the story of Godred, No. 6 begged for another chance. He was given one more chance but as a lowly shunting engine. However, when a message came warning that some climbers needed help during a gale No. 6 went to the rescue. No. 6 was fittingly renamed “Patrick” in honor of a climber who risked his life to help the others. He was painted in the typical Mountain Engine color, Purple with Orange stripes while in the magazines; he was painted Green with Red Lining.


Lord Helen/Patricia

Lady Helen currently named Patricia after Lord Harry Barrane’s wife, is a coach who operates with Lord Harry. She was scared by Lord Harry when he took risks on a steep precipice. After Lord Harry was re-named Patrick, she was fittingly re-named Patricia.

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