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Character Profiles S-Z

Sally Dorothy

Sally Dorothy is a coach who operates with Shane Dooiney on the Culdee Fell Railway.



Salty is a Dockyard Diesel with a West Country accent that works at Brendam. He was built by Ruston and Hornsby in 1962 and arrived to Sodor in 2002. Salty worked before hand on an unnamed coastal railway for many years, where he acquired his vast collection of stories and songs, before coming to Sodor to work at Centre Island Quarry with Mavis, Bill and Ben. Salty was upset, being used for work near the sea, but he soon won the trucks over with his tales and sea shanties and as a reward for his hard work, he was sent to work at Brendam. Salty has shared many stories with his fellow engines that have often come into play later. He told Percy, the carpet he was delivering might be magic, and odd happenings convinced Percy and Gordon that it was. He also told a story about a treasure on Sodor, and Thomas followed all of Salty’s clues and eventually found the treasure, just as the new Maritime Museum opened.



S.C.Ruffey (pronounced Scruffey) was a private owner’s ballast wagon. He was the leader of the Trucks and when Oliver returned after falling down a turntable well, S.C.Ruffey and the trucks sang rude songs about the event. Toad worried by the lack of respect for the engines, consulted with Duck and Oliver and made a plan. Oliver then shunted Scruffey and his lieutenants, and prepared to pull them. Scruffey rallied the trucks into holding back, but this only resulted in Scruffey being pulled apart. Scruffey was later repaired but he says nothing at all anymore. In 1998, Scruffey met his end when he (who was now just a regular truck) and the other trucks were pushed into the Mine shaft and crashed causing an avalanche.



Shane is a blue tractor owned by Willie the farmhand. Willies carelessness and an overloaded trailer of wool once accidentally caused a spill of wool on the line, causing Rex to derail. Shane is bad tempered grump and complains that he’s surrounded by the old fashioned, and found an excuse to complain about most anything. His faulty engine once cut out right on a farm crossing on Edward’s Branch line where BoCo accidentally knocked him right off the line. Needless to say, he soon changed his attitude after being repaired. Shane is named and the following story by Sodor Island Forums.


Shane Dooiney

Shane Dooiney is a Mountain Engine, named after a Sudrian mountain. Shane Dooiney was built at Winterthur, Switzerland in 1896, and was being overhauled in Switzerland during 1964, when the events of “Mountain Engines” took place which explains his absence in the book. Since his return, all engine repairs have been carried out at Crovan’s Gate. While he never appeared in the Railway Series, he did appear in the magazines though he was painted Orange with Red Lining. If he had appeared in the Railway Series, he of course would have been painted the standard Purple with Orange Stripes.



Sidney is a small little Narrow Gauge tank engine who runs on a branch line near the Seaside. He is good friends with Duck. Sidney is the same prototype as Peter Sam. He is painted blue with yellow lining however. He only appeared in the Magazine Story, “Duck’s Best Friend”.


Sigrid of Arlesdale

The Sigrid of Arlesdale is a Passenger Diesel working on the Arlesdale Railway. She is named after the Sudrian heroine of the same name, who lived during the Dark Ages and helped sack the Normans. She was built in 1881 by Severn Lamb and arrived to Sodor on an unknown date. Sigrid of Arlesdale is based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's "Shelagh of Eskdale" because of this, the engine is dressed up as the Sigrid of Arlesdale on occasion. Though she was never seen in the Railway Series, she was mentioned in the book, “The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways”.



Silver was a Narrow Gauge engine mentioned in a story that BoCo and Skarloey told. Apparently Silver was the fastest engine in the hills, with silver paint to suit his name, and was always boasting to the other engines. At last a wizard, tired of Silver’s boasting put a spell on him, turning him into a rusty slow engine. He became the laughing stock of the engines and renamed Tramp. Silver was only mentioned in the magazine story, “The Magic Spell”.


Sir Handel

Sir Handel (formally known as Falcon) is a Narrow Gauge Tank Engine. He was built in 1903 at Falcon Works, Loughborough for the Mid Sodor Railway. He was a 0-4-0ST, causing him to bounce until he was rebuilt with a rear pony truck. When the Mid Sodor Railway closed in 1947, he and Stuart were sold to the aluminum works at Peel Godred for an expansion project. They were sheeted at the project's close for almost a year, and then both were purchased for a total of fifty pounds by the Skarloey Railway and renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam respectively. Sir Handel was named after Sir Handel Brown, the Owner of the Skarloey railway. Sir Handel did not cope well with the worn track on the railway and would often derail – sometimes deliberately. He was given a pair of special wheels with broad tyres to cure this problem – dubbed “steamroller wheels” by the other engines. In 1997, Sir Handel had been sent to work only at the quarry until returning in 2006.


Sir Hadyn

Sir Haydn is Sir Handel’s Twin who works at the Talyllyn Railway. He was built in 1878 by Hughes Loco and Tramway Engine Works ltd. of Loughborough as a 0-4-0ST. He worked nearby on the Corris Railway until the closure of that line in 1948. In 1951, he was purchased by the Talyllyn Railway, along with the other surviving Corris locomotive, who became Edward Thomas, and was named after the line's late owner, Sir Henry Haydn Jones. The precarious state of the track meant he was seldom used for the first few years, and firebox problems caused his withdrawal in 1957. He re-entered service in 1968. He currently goes under the guise of Sir Handel, still in the Corris’ Railway’s red livery and purple stripes. Sir Handel and Proteus are based on Sir Haydn and Albert may possibly as he looks similar.


Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller

Sir Topham Hatt named the Fat Controller and previously as the Fat Director is the manager of the North Western Railway. There have been 3 Sir Topham Hatt’s. The First one was Mr. Topham Hatt and was the engineer in charge of construction of the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge light railway. When the job was finished he was made a director of the company, and after the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway was linked with the original line at Knapford he was elected a director of that company too. He was created a baronet for his services to the railways of Sodor in 1948. He married Jane, sister of Mr Handel Brown, and retired in 1954 in favor of his son Charles, whom the board had no hesitation in electing as his successor. He was born in 1880 and died in 1956. The Second Sir Topham Hatt known as Charles Topham Hatt II was the son of the first one. He was controller of the Railway from 1954-1984. He was born in 1914 and died in 1997. The Third one, Stephen Topham Hatt was the son of the first one and is the current Fat Controller. He became the Third Controller in 1984. He was born in 1941. In the Television Series, it is always the same Fat Controller despite change in appearance as the series continues. On occasion in DVD Special features, Sir Topham Hatt is voice by Robin Smith. Due to political correctness, The Fat Controller is only referred to as Sir Topham Hatt in the US Version.



Sixteen was a troublesome Hunslet WD 0-6-0ST saddletank engine working in an unnamed steelworks. Sixteen lived with several other engines at a steelworks, where his job was to take trucks of slag to a place called the "tip". Sixteen wanted to go past the "DANGER" board, and managed to do so one rainy day, blaming the incident on the trucks. His fireman was told to reverse him, but before he could do so Sixteen tilted and landed on the ground on his side. He was rescued and sent to the sheds in disgrace, but luckily for him he was purchased by a preservation group on the Midlands and now works on their railway.



Skarloey is a Narrow Gauge Tank Engine, built in 1864 at Fletcher, Jennings & Co, Whitehaven as an 0-4-0ST with no cab, which caused him to bounce a lot and was the first engine to arrive on the newly developed Skarloey Railway in 1865. His young antics proved bothersome but he soon matured and received his cab and trailing wheels. Skarloey was put aside in 1945 when he was fit for steam only in extreme emergencies. In 1952, he was sent for repairs to the Gibbons Brother’s Brierly Hill engineering works at Lenches Bridge in Pensnett for an overhaul. A new boiler, saddletank and bunker were built and Skarloey returned to service in 1958. Skarloey is based on his twin, Talyllyn who is working on the Talyllyn Railway.



Smudger was number 2 on the Mid-Sodor-Railway. Smudger was a show off who rode roughly and often came off the rails. He was finally punished by being turned into a generator and being put behind the engine shed. No information was given about his fate once the Mid Sodor Railway closed, so it must be assumed that he has either remained there or been scrapped. His story was based off of that of Stanley’s.


Sodor & Mainland Railway Numbers 1, 3 and 4

There were four 0-4-0T engines with open cabs and square tanks that operated on the Sodor and Mainland Railway from 1856 until the line went bankrupt. They were then used for different jobs on Sodor, but were eventually scrapped because they were too weak to handle heavier loads. Neil is the only one of these engines that are known.



Spencer is a private LNER Class A4 owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. Spencer was built in 1935 by Sir Nigel Gresley. Spencer is boastful and stuck-up and arrogant and pompous, and considers himself to be above doing menial duties such as shunting and is quick to boast about how important and special he is. He first visited Sodor in 2003. He took the Duke and Duchess on a trip around Sodor, but ignored Gordon’s warnings about taking on water and thus ran out – Spencer attributed the incident to a leaky tank. Upon his next visit, Spencer challenged Edward to a race and maintained a lead for the majority of the race, but vainly fell asleep while the Duke and Duchess stopped to take photos and narrowly lost to Edward after he got to the summer-house branch line first. Spencer has since developed a rivalry with Thomas, with the latter often trying outshine Spencer – largely without success. Despite being closely related, Gordon and Spencer have never gotten on well with each other. This is mainly because of his pompous behavior, which exceeds even that of Gordon's. Another reason is Gordon's dislike of domeless engines, which Spencer is. He is also related to another LNER A4, Mallard.



Splatter along with his brother Dodge is one of Diesel 10’s bumbling cronies. They are two Diesel Shunters that are rather unintelligent. They worked alongside Diesel 10 whom referred to them “Splodge” stating that he doesn’t have time to remember both names. They would regularly look out while the Boss was off scheming and they would his bidding. Eventually the two got tired of their boss and refused to help him chase Thomas and Lady. The redeemed their ways but what they’re doing now is up to speculation. Splatter seems to be the more talkative of the two.


Splatter was voiced by Neil Crone.


Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones is the kind mistress of Shining Time Station. She was portrayed by Didi Conn. She appears in Thomas’ American Spin-off “Shining Time Station” as a major character. She knows about the existence of Mr. Conductor but prefers not to mention him to anyone. She also appears in “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”; she finds Lily at Shining Time and takes her home to her Grandpa Stone.  But even before Mr Conductor makes his way to the Island of Sodor, she senses there is some danger afoot, and that all isn't going to be well when he goes, considering his lack of gold dust.



Stanley is a silver Hudswell Clark 0-6-0ST/Kiston 0-6-0ST hybrid engine. He was built in 1932 and arrived to Sodor in 2008 when the Fat Controller decided to restore Great Waterton for while Thomas led the restoration. Stanley was well liked amongst the other engines. Thomas however was not pleased with the newcomer, who was newer, bigger and stronger than he was. Thomas noticed that all his friends were spending more time with Stanley than him. When Thomas arrived at Tidmouth Sheds one night to find his berth occupied by Stanley, he became determined to make a fool of Stanley in front of the engines. Thomas tried to make Stanley pull too many trucks up the hill from Great Waterton to make him seem weak to the other engines, but the weight of the trucks put too much strain on a coupling, and they rolled down the hill and through an unfinished siding, destroying the new standpipe. The engines were cross with Thomas, who ran away feeling upset. Stanley saw Thomas in a siding and realized how Thomas was feeling. When Thomas later went missing, Stanley was the first to deduce that he had ventured into a mineshaft. Stanley searched the mountains to see if Thomas had appeared anywhere. Thomas managed to whistle once loudly, and Stanley followed the noise to where Thomas was stranded beside the track. The two engines made up for their conflict and differences; Thomas and Stanley agreed to be friends with each other, but Stanley burst a valve pulling Thomas back to the rails. Thomas decided that he would push Stanley back to Great Waterton, and the two were greeted fondly. In gratitude, Thomas let Stanley take the mayor to the Sodor Day celebration.


Stanley/No. 2

Stanley is a Baldwin Locomotive 4-6-0. He was built at Baldwin Works in 1917 and worked in America before coming to the Mid Sodor Railway. Stanley was very cocky and had a tendency to ride roughly on the rails and believed that it didn’t matter if he came off the rails occasionally. However, his attitude resulted in being converted into a pumping engine. He last worked in the Cas-ny-Hawin mine until he broke down in 1946 and the mine became flooded. With no reason to stay open, the Mid Sodor Railway closed down the next month and Stanley was scrapped. Stanley was replaced with Smudger in the TV Series.


Stephen Hatt

Stephen Hatt is Sir Topham Hatt’s grandson. He comes along on his and his wives vacations with his sister Bridget. In the Railway Series, he took eventual control of the North Western Railway, in the TV Series he’s always a child.


Stephenson's Rocket

Stephenson's Rocket is an early steam locomotive of a 0-2-2 wheel arrangement, built in Newcastle at the Forth Street Works of Robert Stephenson and Company in 1829. He is also a replica. Robert Stephenson's historic 0-2-2 "Rocket" is perhaps the most famous engine in the world, launching the steam age at the Liverpool and Manchester Railway's Rainhill trials of 1829. The real "Rocket", much rebuilt, survives at the Science Museum in London and the replica lives at the National Railway Museum in York. The steam locomotives built before "Rocket" followed the same principal of having boilers with a single U-shaped tube and beam engines to move the wheels. When "Rocket" was built, Robert Stephenson decided to have a boiler with many tubes to increase the surface area of the heat and have a firebox to allow the fire to burn the coal. Also, "Rocket" was the first steam locomotive to have a piston rod connected to the connecting rod with the aid of a crosshead, and the connecting rod was connected to the driving wheels. This meant that "Rocket" was the template for all the steam locomotives built ever since.



Stepney is a LB&SCR A1x Class "Terrier" 0-6-0T tank engine. He was built in 1875 and later rebuilt in 1912. He was saved from Scrap by The Bluebell Railway with aid from Rusty. He arrived on the Bluebell Railway in 1960. In 1963, Stepney came to Sodor on loan and worked briefly with Duck at Tidmouth before working on Thomas’ Branch Line, during which time he caught a cricket ball in a truck while passing the Elsbridge cricket field. Towards the end of his stay he returned to Tidmouth and on his last day double-headed the express with Duck after The Diesel failed. In 1997, Stepney arrived again to have a change from his line, and again to help Toby and Mavis to help at the quarry – this exurcusion nearly ended in disaster after Arry and Bert tried to scrap Stepney, luckily without success, after Stepney accidentally ventured into the scrapyards. Stepney visited again to help Duck for unknown reasons and was later helped by Edward with the running of the new loop line.



Talyllyn is a Narrow Gauge Engine that works on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales. He is Skarloey’s Twin and as a result, he is mentioned multiple times in The Railway Series. He was built in 1864 by Fletcher, Jennings & Co. of Whitehaven as an 0-4-0ST; Talyllyn had a short wheelbase and long rear overhang which lead to its rapid conversion to an 0-4-2ST. As the more popular of the Talyllyn Railway’s two original locos, Talyllyn was in very poor condition by 1945 when he was laid aside. He was rebuilt in 1957-58 by Gibbons Bros Ltd. but proved problematic and has undergone considerable modification since then, resulting in a much improved performance.


Tar Wagons

The Tar Wagons are painted black with “TAR” written on their sides in white. James once crashed into two of them after losing control of his trucks.



Terence is a crawler tractor. When Thomas first saw him, he insulted him for his caterpillars which he calls “ugly wheels”. Though he ended up regretting it after he got stuck in a snowdrift and Terence came to the rescue and saved him. They’ve been firm friends ever since. Terence also helped clear the snow drift in front of Mrs. Kyndley’s house. He became good friends with Duck while he was taking Annie and Clarabel while Thomas was away. When Toby was away, he also did Percy’s shunting while he was at the harbor. Terence was helping building a barn on the day Victoria was sent back to Thomas' branch line, after serving for a boulder by the Hackenback tunnel his trailer fell down the cutting and balanced dangerously on a tree.


The Animal Sanctuary Coach

The Animal Sanctuary Coach is a coach that only appeared in the magazine story “An Old Friend”. The coach was previously used for the express, until it was put on a siding and neglected for several years. Years on, Thomas soon saw the rundown coach. As the animal shelter was running low on room, Thomas asked for the coach to be overhauled and renovated to be used as an animal home.


The Breakdown Train

The breakdown train is composed of two cranes, two flatbeds and a carriage for the workmen. It is pulled to accident scenes, usually by Harvey, to lift engines, coaches and trucks onto the rails. They are painted dark green. Since Rocky's arrival, the breakdown train has been rarely seen.


The Chinese Dragon

Thomas was once sent to collect this paper dragon from Brendam. He was surprised at its appearance, until his driver explained it was made of paper and could do no harm. Unfortunately, Percy, who was stuck on a siding at the time, didn't realise this and was scared by it as Thomas went past trying to scare him. Percy later saw the dragon at Elsbridge, but was furious that it was only a fake. The Chinese dragon can also be lit up inside to become illuminated. It is now popular with funfair specials.


The Dark Green Tank Engine

The dark green tank engine is a saddletank who appeared in the pop-up book "James the Red Engine and the Troublesome Trucks". After shunting James' trucks, he teased the red engine about his incident with the bootlaces.


The Diesel

The Diesel is a rude and conceited BR Class 40 1Co-Co1 Diesel. He was built at Vulcan Foundry in 1960. He was sent to Sodor in 1963 to assist the engines with goods and express work, but only insulted them by saying they were out of date. He of course, got his comeuppance when an inspector’s hat jammed in his air intake, leaving Duck and Stepney to take the Express for him. While everyone was fare welling Stepney, the Diesel crept away, leaving behind a nasty smell and a battered bowler hat.


The Diesel Shunter

The unnamed diesel shunter appeared in "Thomas and the Great Railway Show" to push Thomas on the lorry. He is based on a BR Class 08, like Diesel. The Diesel Shunter may in fact as well be Diesel.


The Duke and Duchess of Boxford

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are a very important couple who regularly visit Sodor. Their private engine is Spencer and they don't mind him rushing around. The Duke enjoys taking photography, something that was part of Spencer's loss while racing Edward. They get on well with Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt. They travel in luxury red coaches and they also have a coat of arms that engines occasionally wear.


The Elderly Breakvan

The Elderly Breakvan only appeared as part of a Thomas Annual in which occurs during the events of “Dirty Work”. Diesel got the nickname “Galloping Sausage” for Gordon after seeing this Breakvan. He looks similar to the Spiteful Breakvan but is dull brown and grey. He also has a wrinkled face and bushy eyebrows as a result of his age.


The Fat and Thin Clergymen

The Fat and Thin Clergymen are two Clergymen that have had a great deal with the rescue of Duke. The Thin and Fat Clergymen are actual people, The Railway Series creator, Reverend Wilbert Awdry and Reverend Teddy Boston. They first appeared as two photographers picturing the Small Railway, accidentally splashing Bert in the face while he passed by with a train. They later appeared in taking part of the Rescue of Duke. Teddy Boston lived from 1924-1986 and Wilbert Awdry lived from 1911-1997.


The Fat Controller's Car

Sir Topham Hatt owns a blue car. He uses it to go to places when the engines are busy, or to go see what the engines are doing. It once caused trouble when he drove it into a pothole, but he thinks it very reliable, and wouldn't want to get to work in any other vehicle. In merchandising on occasion it is depicted as yellow or red, this could be a fact that the Fat Controller has more than one car.


The Mines Engine

The Mines Engine is a Brown and Black Egger Bahn 0-4-0 with the cab removed. He worked in the mines on the Mid Sodor Railway. His fate after the railway closed is not clear. He was never featured in any stories but instead was seen on the Rev. W Awdry’s Mid Sodor Model Layout.


The Naughty Pink Truck

The Naughty Pink Truck gained the dubious honor of being Sodor’s naughtiest truck after S.C.Ruffey had been broken up. After hearing Thomas boasting about his new coat of paint, the trucks mentioned they didn't like black paint, so the truck told the trucks to be so naughty that they could get new coats of paint. The Fat Controller explained that the black paint hid all the grime and dirt on them, but sent the truck to the Works to be painted pink. The Fat Controller later told him that the pink would wear off in the end. Rickety soon gained position of the trucks leaders afterwards (ironically he is light blue)


The Old Engine

The Old Engine is an unnamed LNER GER J15 0-6-0 goods tender engine, built at Stratford works by TW Worsdell in 1913. When Toby visited the Seaside branch line, he noticed the Old Engine struggling with a load and offered to help himself. He is described as being younger than Toby.


The Other Railway Diesels

The Other Railway Diesels are Diesels that appeared in “Bluebells of England” and in “Escape”. There were some that stared at Stepney while passing by. The first one was colored green and cream and had a yellow face. He resembles a Cl 31 Brush Type 3 A1A-A1A diesel-electric. If looked at closely, his number seems to be D701. His headcode is "4F12". The second was brown, and resembles a Cl 52 "Western" C-C diesel-hydraulic. The last was colored green all over, and resembles a Cl 40 1Co-Co1. It is also seen that his number is D782. The Last three appeared while Oliver tried making his escape, by a signal box near the quarry branch where Oliver hid. One was a blue diesel very similar in shape to BoCo, while only the face of the second one was seen; it was covered in yellow and black "hazard" stripes. If you look closely at the main line going away from the signal box, you can see another diesel engine in the background.


The Posh Coaches

Due to an increase in passenger traffic during the summer holidays, the Fat Controller borrowed the posh coaches to help him. Unfortunately, the posh coaches were incredibly rude and insulted Thomas, Diesel, Annie and Clarabel. The coaches remained idle in a siding until a friend of the Fat Controller, the owner of a museum, expressed interest in purchasing them. After Diesel warned the coaches about the museum, they decided it was in their best interest to be useful and helped Gordon with the express. After much hard work the coaches were dirty, much to the confusion of the museum owner. The Fat Controller then explained the coaches weren't his to sell. The posh coaches only appeared in a "read and colour" section of the "Thomas and Friends" magazine story "The Posh Coaches". Despite the fact that the posh coaches had no specific livery, they were most likely painted chocolate brown and cream with gold and black stripes, very much like the Pullman Cars of the Orient Express.


The Refreshment Lady

The Refreshment Lady owns a small café close by the Skarloey Railway and at the Station. She was once left behind by Peter Sam due to his worries about missing Henry’s train. She later had complications with her usual station store café and Peter Sam had to help her. Peter Sam had the idea to use a coach he had found while helping Rusty clean debris from a recent overnight storm.


The Spiteful Breakvan/NW Breakvan

The Spiteful Breakvan (known as the NW Breakvan in the Railway Series) was a troublesome Breakvan that took a dislike to Douglas when he first arrived. Donald had confronted the van one day thus making him behave. However after Donald crashed into a signal box, he was back to his old tricks. James was then saddled with the van. Douglas tried to help James up Gordon’s Hill and as a result, he subsequently crushed the Breakvan. The van was scrapped after the accident. In the Railway Series he was labeled with NW (which meant North Western) and numbered 13 20t. In the TV Series, he’s a plain Breakvan.


The Troublesome Trucks

Troublesome Trucks (Named Freight Cars in the American dub of the series) are so nicknamed because they can be quite troublesome and love to play tricks. No one save for Edward, Stepney and Salty like the Trucks as they have been the cause of many various accidents. Their behavior perhaps could be best described in the statement “Every wise engine knows you cannot trust Trucks”. Trucks could be considered the rebels of the railway, as most of them love to cause mischief, confusion and delay. They will play tricks on an engine based on how they treat them. Most accidents caused by the trucks are a form of revenge due to mistreatment. If an engine is having a bad day, makes a mistake or is easily played upon, then the trucks begin their wild antics of singing, name calling, holding back, shoving, bumping, giggling and so on. Trucks have all sorts of different bases. Some are 7-plank mineral wagons; others are twelve-ton stock vans, eight-ton cattle vans or tankers and so on. The Trucks rarely have names but in some rare cases they do such as S.C.Ruffey, Fred Pelhay, Hector, Rickety etc. Some Trucks don’t have a face. During Season 1, only one Truck had a face which had two eyes and a mouth glued on.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” they were originally meant to have roles and were to be voiced by Neil Crone and Kevin Frank. While they tried voicing them this is how Crone got the role of Diesel 10. They however were given cameos.


The Vicar of Wellsworth

Reverend Charles Laxey is the Vicar of Wellsworth. Edward approached in hopes that he would help him save Trevor. Which indeed he did, he is now the owner of Trevor. Trevor now works at his Orchard. He raises Bees there which had once stung James in the nose. He once tried to raise some money so that some children could go to the seaside though he was busy and forgot to advertise for it. With the help of Edward, the festival went on. His son would eventually take over as Reverend and he could not afford to repair Trevor’s boiler to be repaired, but after warning Edward when his trucks derailed the Fat Controller, in gratitude, paid for Trevor to be repaired at Crovan's Gate.


The White Van

The white van appeared in the "Thomas and Friends" magazine story "Van". He came to Sodor to deliver items that the engines couldn't, but only caused trouble when he and his driver made fun of the engines. The white van ended up being clamped and taken off the road after parking in the Fat Controller's parking space. The white van is based on a Ford transit van.



Thomas is a Blue Billington E2-Class 0-6-0T, built in 1913 and arrived to Sodor in 1915. Thomas is a Cheeky little engine, but is good at heart and generally behaves well. He worked as a Station pilot at Knapford and Vicarstown until 1946, at which time he was transferred to Wellsworth following an incident with some trucks. Later that year after rescuing James after his accident, he was given charge of the Knapford-Ffarquhar branch line and two coaches named Annie and Clarabel. In 1945 he was cheeky to Gordon but soon learned his lesson after he had been pulled by Gordon while still being attached to the express. Thomas was given charge of Henry's morning train after he fell ill, but forgot to be coupled and only stopped when a signalman told him that he had no train. Thomas' real first chance at pulling a train came when Edward offered to shunt coaches while Thomas took a goods train for him to Wellsworth, but the trucks got up to their tricks and pushed him down Gordon's Hill; Thomas narrowly avoided a collision with the buffers. After this incident, Thomas was permanently transferred to Wellsworth to learn the ways of the goods yards. After James came rushing through one day and crashed into a field, Thomas came to his aid and the Fat Controller, satisfied with Thomas' work, gave him charge of a branch line. Thomas worked the branch line in which he left Clarabel’s Guard behind, Had fish in his tank, being rescued from a snow drift by Terence the Tractor and having a Race with Bertie the Bus.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”, Thomas was voiced by Eddie Glen. The role had originally gone to John Bellis, an Isle of Man Taxi Driver/Firefighter. Though his voice did not do well with the Los Angeles test audience.



Thumper is a quarry machine with two arms and caterpillar treads, designed for loosening rocks. He was brought to the Quarry in 1998 to help clear rock. But while clearing rock, his arms accidentally dislodged an enormous boulder which chased Rusty, Skarloey and Rheneas down the line before nearly crushing Percy and running into the sheds at the quarry mine. Nowadays Thumper is used strictly only for Slate Mining. Thumper has never spoken in the series but is described by HiT Entertainment as being a “Cool Guy”. Thumper is not based on any actual piece of machinery as the design for Thumper is obviously too dangerous to be operated by a human being.


Tiger Moth/Bi-Plane

Tiger Moth is a red and yellow bi-plane who is reckless and daring. He flies high and low, doing tricks to show off, and is very rude indeed. He learnt his lesson after crashing into a haystack. He is sometimes referred plainly as Bi-Plane which he is.



Tim is a Black Narrow Gauge Engine of an unknown basis. He worked on the Mid Sodor Railway with Duke, Stuart, Falcon, Jim, Jerry, Albert and Bertram. He was never featured in any stories but instead was seen on the Rev. W Awdry’s Mid Sodor Model Layout.



Toad is a Grey Great Western Breakvan who escaped with Oliver and Isabel from scrap. Unlike the rest of the trucks, Toad is devoutly respectful of the engines - he even addresses them as "Mr." - and incredibly polite. Toad is also somewhat imaginative and a bit of an optimist. Toad worked with Oliver on the Great Western Railway before being threatened with the prospect of scrapping. Oliver, Toad and an autocoach named Isabel ran away for the greener pastures of the North Western Railway, but Oliver ran out of coal en route. Luckily, they were rescued by Douglas and brought back to Sodor, where Toad asked to be Douglas' Breakvan to thank him. When Scruffey began to start a trend of disrespecting the engines, Toad had the idea for Oliver to show Scruffey and his lieutenants the error of their ways. This turned out better than expected, for Oliver pulled Scruffey apart and won back the respect of the trucks.



Toby is a Tram Engine, built in 1903 at Stratford Works by James Holden. He arrived to Sodor in 1951. He originally lived at Great Yarmouth docks in Norfolk with his brothers; Manus, Doalty and Jimmy. In 1951, Toby came to work at the quarry on Thomas’ branch line after his old Railway in East Anglia closed, as it was found to be illegal for Thomas to go on the quarry line without side plates or cowcatchers. Toby is old and, at first was teased by James for his shabby paint. James stopped calling him names after he crashed into some tar wagons, and Toby was given chocolate-brown paint for his hard work. Toby has two coaches named Henrietta and Victoria plus a Luggage Van named Elsie.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”, Toby was voiced by Colm Feore.


Tom Rolt

Tom Rolt was built at the Talyllyn's Pendre Works, using parts of a seldom-used 3' gauge Andrew Barclay 0-4-0WT, built in 1949 for Bord na Mona, the Irish turf board. An 0-4-2T, it is the line's newest, largest, most powerful steam locomotive, having entered service in 1991. It is named after the author L. T. C. Rolt, who inspired the Talyllyn's preservation and was its manager in 1951 and 1952. Ivo Hugh is based on him.


Tom Tipper

Tom is the postman that services Callan. Tom falls ill, and, when he returns, finds his chief has decided a bike is more economical than a postvan. One morning, Tom is asked to fill in some forms. Tom, in a hurry, props his bike against Percy  and it falls under the wheels when his driver starts. Tom is disappointed, but his Chief decides to give him his postvan back, to his delight.



Trevor is a traction engine, built in 1920. Trevor used to work on farms doing odd jobs like threshing corn and sawing timber, but his owner thought him old-fashioned and sent him to the scrap yard. Edward luckily befriended him and convinced Rev. Charles Laxey to purchase him. Trevor now lives in the Wellsworth vicarage orchard, but is often borrowed by his old driver Jem Cole to do odds jobs. Trevor is very friendly and gets on like wildfire with the engines. He is also helpful and ready to give anybody advice. Trevor loves children in particular, especially giving them rides in his cart. He was once owned by the Reverend Teddy Boston



U.L.P. is a Pink van that teased Oliver along with Scruffey, Fred Pelhay and Rickety upon his return from the works.



Victoria is a vintage four wheeled coach from the Furness Railway, she was built in 1882. She worked on the Lakeside branch with an engine, Albert and another coach named Helena. After becoming obsolete she moved to Sodor and became a summerhouse in a garden near Elsbridge. After being discovered by Thomas’ Driver, it was decided she could be restored and used on the tramway from Ffarquhar to the Quarry to help Toby, Henrietta and Elsie. She also helps Thomas, Annie and Clarabel on busy days.



Victor is a blue 4-4-0 tank engine. He was sold for scrap along time ago and had yet to be scrapped. This made him sad, but one day he was found and restored into a children's playground. He now sits in a park, and enjoys the company of children, climbing in and out of him. He is good friends with James.



Victor is a Red Tank Engine with yellow hazard stripes along his buffers. He is currently set to appear in Season 13.


Wellsworth and Suddery Railway Tank Engines

The Wellsworth and Suddery Railway was the third railway to become part of the North Western Railway. It is recorded in "The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways" that it had some tank engines of its own, but no further details were given.



Wendell is a Blue BR Class 47 Diesel that works at Crovan’s Gate and occasionally does odd jobs around the Railway. He was built in 1964 at Brush Traction and British Railway’s Crewe Work. He first arrived to Sodor in 1984. Wendell is friendly and impossible not to like. James originally did not like any Diesel on the island of Sodor (save for BoCo and Bear) but after James broke down due to a failed injector. With his charismatic persona, he wiped out James’ dislike of Diesel’s forever.



Whiff is a Green NER's "66" Aerolite, built in 1869 and arrived to Sodor in 2007. His main task is collecting Garbage and scrap which makes him very dirty and grubby. Whiff is cheerful and optimistic. He enjoys his job of collecting garbage. He doesn't seem to care what the other engines think about him: either that or he is oblivious to their opinions. When Whiff first came to the railway, Emily was asked to help him out. Emily was under the impression that he would be more intriguing and that the task would be more exciting; Emily was eager at first, but disappointed when she learned that Whiff worked with garbage. Emily tried to avoid being seen with him, but Whiff found her almost everywhere she went. Although the two were mocked by other engines wherever they went, Whiff maintained a cheery expression and seemed either not to notice or care. When Emily finally escaped Whiff, she found Spencer blocked by a long line of trucks full of garbage. When none of the other engines helped, she found Whiff. Emily apologized to an understanding Whiff, and together they cleared Spencer's line.



Wilbert (formally named G.B. Keeling) is a blue Hunslet WD 0-6-0ST from the Dean Forest Railway. Wilbert was built in 1953 at Hunslet; Leed Works. He is named after Reverend W. Awdry, who was at one time the president of the Dean Forest Railway. He worked as a Shunter at the colliery in Staffordshire. He was purchased by the Dean Forest Railway in 1976 and given the named G.B. Keeling but was renamed Wilbert in 1987. On November the 8th, 1983, Wilbert was honoured to haul a royal train for the Duke of Gloucester, and on September the 8th, 1991, attended the opening of the line to Lydney Lakeside with "City of Truro". When Donald and Douglas needed help on the branch lines in 1993, the Fat Controller borrowed him from his railway in Gloucestershire - the railway's controller was a friend of his - to give the twins assistance. However, after Percy had an accident with some sacks of oatmeal Wilbert was redirected to Thomas' branch line to do Percy's work. After Percy's return, Wilbert went to help Duck and Oliver on the Tidmouth-Arlesburgh branch. Wilbert is currently out of service and currently awaiting an overhaul.



Wilfred is a Mountain Engine that works on the Culdee Fell Railway, built in 1895 and came to Sodor in 1897. When Culdee returned to the Culdee Fell Railway in 1964, Wilfred and Ernest informed him of the arrival of Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric. He and his coach were later delayed at Summit after Lord Harry derailed at the points. He was last seen lecturing No. 6 about the importance of goods work. In the Railway Series, he was the standard Culdee Fell Railway, purple with Orange Lining while in the magazines he was yellow with white lining.



Willa is a coach that operates with Wilfred on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Workshop Engines

There are many engines that appear in the works. The first ones appear in an illustration of “Trouble in the Shed”. The first one is a black 0-6-0 tender engine with red stripes resembling Edward. The second is a blue 0-8-2 tank engine resembling Thomas. The third is a large red 4-6-2 tender engine with black lining resembling Gordon. The fourth one is a green 4-4-0 tender engine with Red Lining. In the TV Series, these engines were the main cast of engines covered with tarpaulins (Gordon, James, Thomas, Henry and Edward). In addition to the ones in the Railway Series, there are also two more that appear in “My Thomas Story Library”. One is a small red Saddle tank engine and the same class as Percy. The other one is a blue engine resembling Wilbert with Blue wheels. In the magazine story “Chiff Chaff”, Edward met some engines at the works. One is a green engine resembling Murdoch with smoke deflectors. Another one is an electric multiple-unit. These EMUs are still used on branch line services in Britain. A third engine can be seen right behind Edward but cannot be seen clearly.


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