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Character Profile A-F

"Coffee Pots"

One of the first Engines on the railway, the first Sir Topham Hatt had constructed these 4 small 0-4-0 Tank Engines. They were never well documented and were never photographed before being scrapped.



13 is a Black Saddle Tank Engine from the mainland. When he first arrived he caused trouble for Donald and Douglas, having his firebox damaged and stuck in a landslide. After his repairs he came back with a bigger firebox which cured his unluckiness. His name is origin of the number 13 which is considered unlucky.



Diesel 199 (Nicknamed Old Reliable and Spamcan) was built in 1960 and arrived for trials on Sodor in 1967 along with another diesel, 7101. 199 made himself an enemy of the steam engines when he claimed that “steam engines spoil our image”. Within the next day 199 had ironically broken down while pulling some tank trucks and had to be helped home by Henry. Henry also had to help the also failing D7101. He was sent home in disgrace



10751 is a BR Class 101 DMU that appeared in the first illustration of “Gordon Proves his Point”. Gordon took his Railtour train after he failed.



31120 us a Class 31 Diesel that appeared in the last illustration of “Fire Escape”. His headcode is 1X01, which is odd as the X indicates “Royal Train” or “out-of-gauge load”


98462 and 87546

98462 and 87546 are two engines the visited Sodor and are seen in the first illustration of “Edward’s Day Out”. The two engines were on trials from the mainland however the two engines were sent back due to rude behavior towards the others. One of them can be seen in an illustration of “Thomas & Gordon”. What class of engine they are is not quite clear but it’s theorized that 98462 is an LNER B12 and 87546 is an LNER B17.


Ada, Jane and Mabel

Ada, Jane and Mabel are three light blue open carriages that are used on the Skarloey Railway for Nice days. They were originally designed to carry quarry workers, but are now used for tourist traffic. Since they’re arrival they have had roofs fitted onto them.



Adams is a real engine living on the Bluebell railway. Stepney mentions him while talking to Edward in “Stepney’s Special”. According to Stepney, he and Cromford had no names when they arrived and were soon named, they’re Controller is still unaware of this. He can currently be seen on display on the Bluebell Railway.


Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima and Beatrice

Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima are Coaches on the Skarloey Railway while Beatrice is a Guards Van. They are all names after The Thin Controllers daughters. The coaches like all engines except for Sir Handel. They were mistrustful at first of Skarloey as they found him bumpy. Jemima is somewhat deaf and the other coaches look down on Beatrice as they describe her as smelling of “Fish and Cheese”.



Alaric is the Seventh Mountain Engine, built in 1923, arriving on Sodor in 1962. Alaric is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway Engine “Ralph”. According to the book “The Real Lives of Thomas the Tank Engine”, both he and Eric have been retired. He is painted in Purple with Orange Lining while in the Magazines (to emulate how the TV Series gave the Skarloey railway different colors) he is painted Brown with Red Lining.



Albert is a red Parker J1 2-4-2 class, built in 1870 working on the Furness Railway. His Coaches were Victoria and Helena. Albert had an accident when some snow fell on him as he set off to Haverthwaite. He learned to be more cautious afterwards.



Albert is a Blue Narrow Gauge Engine built in 1903 that worked along with Duke, Stuart, Falcon, Jim, Tim and Jerry on the Mid-Sodor Railway. He was never featured in any stories but instead was seen on the Rev. W Awdry’s Mid Sodor Model Layout.



Alf is a Real-life Narrow Gauge Engine, built in 1950, working on the Talyllyn railway. Fred is based on Alf.



Alfie is a fun loving excavator that works for the Pack. He loves working hard and handles even some of the toughest situations with ease. Alfie is number 12 in the Pack.



Algy is a blue bus (originally yellow) that appeared in the Annuals. When he first arrived he teased Bertie, but he made up and became friends with Bertie after he broke down. Algy helps take passengers around Sodor. His license plate states ALG85.



Alice is a young girl that lives near Thomas’ Branch Line on a Farm. She and Thomas are good friends. Thomas was desperate to give her, her birthday present on a rainy day but got blocked by a landslide. With the help of Rosie, she got her present.


Alice and Mirabel

Alice and Mirabel are two Great Western Coaches pulled by Duck on his Branch line. They were rescued from scrap by the Fat Controller along with Dulcie (who was given to Oliver with Isabel for Ducks Branch line).


Alicia Botti

Alicia Botti is a world Famous Italian opera singer. When she first visited the railway, Thomas was to take her in Annie and Clarabel but she was frightened by a Mouse in Clarabel. Percy was chosen to take her instead. She first appeared in the Season 6 episode “Thomas, Percy & the Squeak”.



Amy is a Coach who operates with Alaric on the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway. Her fate since Alaric’s retirement is unknown.



Angus is a small fire engine who works with the Sodor fire Brigade. He was only featured in a Magazine. He is based on an Early Dennis Fire Engine.


Annie and Clarabel

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas’ Faithful Coaches given to him in 1946 after he saved James from an accident. They are respectful of most engines, especially Thomas and Gordon. They are colored Orange-Brown being refurbished to just Brown in 1998.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” they were voiced by Shelley Elizabeth Skinner.



Arry along with his brother Bert are two BR Class 08 Shunters (along with Diesel, Dodge and Splatter) built in 1953. They both delight in scrap and work mainly in the Smelters yard. They have attempted to scrap Stepney and Oliver. They’re models were re-used from Dodge and Splatter which would explain why they weren’t in “Calling All Engines”.



Arthur is an LMS Ivatt Class 2MT “2-6-2” tank Engine. When Arthur arrived on Sodor, he had a Spotless Record which meant he had a clean record in which he had never gotten into trouble or had an accident. He seemed somewhat gullible when he first arrived, which Thomas used to his advantage, thus ruining his Spotless Record. Arthur also doesn’t seem to mind the smell of fish and he rather seems to enjoy it in fact.


Ballast Spreader

The Ballast Spreader is a rather unusual looking machine that is used to spread ballast on the North Western Railway. He was seen in the first illustration of “Small Railway Engines”. He is painted yellow with the words “SODOR CHAIN LOAD UNDERCUT” on his side. He is best known as the Sodor Railway Repair which is inaccurate as he is used strictly for Ballast.



Barry was a potential character for the Railway Series, to appear in the proposed book “Barry the Rescue Engine” thought initially to be the 39th volume but was put aside for another book titled “Thomas & the Fat Controller’s Engines”. He was stated to be similar to Wilbert. It is implied he is a British Railways Class 2MT 2-6-2 painted with Red and Blue lining.



Bear is a BR Class 35 “Hymek” Bo-Bo, named after the growling noises he makes. When he first came to the railway, he arrived as 7101 along with Diesel 199. Henry and the others persuaded the Fat Controller to let him stay. He was renamed Bear and felt that Sodor was where he really belonged.



Ben along with his twin Bill is a Bagnall 0-4-0ST, built in 1953 and arrived on Sodor in 1966. He is a cheeky little tank engines and enjoy teasing the other engines along with his Twin brother Bill. They work for the Sodor China Clay Company near Brendam.


Bennett & Co.

Bennet & Co. is a truck with “BENNETT & CO. Wagon Owner and Company” written on his side. He was being filled with Iron but was overloaded and landed in the nearby River. He was rescued by a floating crane, getting the rest of the day off. He only appeared in a magazine story entitled “Deep Dive”.



Bert along with his brother Arry are two BR Class 08 Shunters (along with Diesel, Dodge and Splatter) built in 1953. They both delight in scrap and work mainly in the Smelters yard. They have attempted to scrap Stepney and Oliver. Bert has stubble around his mouth.



Bert is a small railway Engine that works on the Arlesdale Railway; he along with Mike and Rex had worked on an unnamed line in England until 1967. Bert is friendly and easy-going and is also clever and somewhat cynical. Bert took offense when the Reverend W. Awdry and Reverend Teddy Boston accidentally sprayed him with mud while passing in their car.



Bertie is a Red Railway Bus who works near Thomas’ Branch Line. He is a fun-loving bus who is always in the mood to race his good friend Thomas just to prove that roads have their use as well as rails.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” his voice was provided by Kevin Frank.



Bertram nicknamed “The Old Warrior” for his bravery is an old narrow gauge engine that works in the hills where he used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway. Bertram’s fate may have possibly that he was left to rust, but Toby found him one night in 1998 thinking he was a Ghost. Thanks to Toby, Bertram is now working, taking people to the mine and the castle. His face is re-used from Smudger and his body from Duke.



Bill along with his twin Ben is a Bagnall 0-4-0ST, built in 1953 and arrived on Sodor in 1966. He is a cheeky little tank engines and enjoy teasing the other engines along with his Twin brother Ben. They work for the Sodor China Clay Company near Brendam.



Billy is an orange Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST Tank Engine. He was built in 1903 and arrived to Sodor in 2007. Billy is a very cheeky and inexperienced engine despite his long life. But this is probably due to the fact that on his old line he only worked in the colliery in Leeds from 1903 to 1975. He had misinterpreted Thomas’ advice for bossiness so he ignored them. After running out of Coal and water, he learned that Thomas was not bossy.


Billy Twofeathers

Billy Twofeathers is the Native American train driver at Shining Time Station. He operates the Engine “Rainbow Sun”. He first appeared in “Shining Time Station” and would appear in “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”. However he was first played by Tom Jackson while he was later played by Russell Means.


Blister I and Blister II

Two little Diesel Shunters that work on the Arlesdale Railway built in 1931 and arrived in 1985. They were rebuilt to 15-inch gauge when arrived. They both have full electrics, radios and air brake systems for working light passenger trains in emergencies. They are mentioned in “The Island of Sodor: It’s People, History and Railways”.


Bluebell and Primose

Bluebell and Primose are real tank engine twins who live on the Bluebell Railway. They were mentioned by Stepney to Edward in “Stepney’s Special”. At first they had no names but they’re controller gave them names. He says in makes them over-confident, but they still work hard. In reality they are out of service and are currently awaiting overhauls.



BoCo is a BR Class 28 Co-Bo diesel electric engine built in 1958. Although coming across as a Bully to Bill and Ben, he was still new to Sodor in 1966, and turned out to be a good sort who was easy-going and good-natured.



Boxhill is Stepney’s brother and like Stepney, he is a LBSCR 0-6-0T built in 1872. He was mentioned in “Thomas & the Great Railway Show”.


Bridget Hatt

Bridget Amanda Hatt is the Fat Controller’s grand-daughter. She is usually seen in the background along with her brother Stephen and when she has a proper role is when she joins her Grandparents for Holiday’s such as in “Toby & the Stout Gentleman” and “Toby’s Discovery”. She was first seen on Sir Topham Hatt’s holiday where she offended Toby by asking “Is it electric?”



Bulgy is a Double Decker Bus who was once very opposed to railways. Bulgy hated railways at first and caused trouble for Duck and Oliver. He even carried a poster on his side telling people “JOIN THE ANTI RAILWAY LEAGUE”. He bears on his front “Free the Roads”. He was once determined to get the passengers to Tidmouth before Duck but ended up getting wedged under a bridge. After that he was converted into a henhouse next to the bridge. In 2003, he was brought back while Thomas and Emily were stuck in the foundry for repairs. After an incident with some Hen’s that nestled in his luggage rack he was converted into a vegetable bus with Green Paint which he enjoys. Apparently by 2008, he was converted back to a passenger bus.


Bulgy's Friend

Oliver mentions of a friend that Bulgy has who shares an equal disgust in the railway. His friend has not appeared in any illustration or the TV Series. He has appeared in a Bulgy storybook.



Bulstrode is a highly bad-tempered, annoying and highly disagreeable barge. He was used to carry cargo such as stone. While at dock in 1988, Bulstrode argued with the trucks about them being in the wrong place (unknown to him it was actually him), Percy had accidentally pushed the Trucks off the Dock sending them crashing into Bulstrode. Bulstrode had been towed away to the beach where he is now used for a Children’s play hut.


Burnett Stone

Burnett Stone is a Human Character featured in the movie “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”. He was portrayed by Peter Fonda. He is a caretaker on top of Muffle Mountain. Long ago he had shared a secret only with Tasha, his childhood friend: Lady! One day, he went to the Island of Sodor, where he drew a painting of himself, which Stacy found years later. He took Lady there which was a mistake as Diesel 10 came to the island. He chased Lady and Burnett made her crash. He later took her to Muffle Mountain to mend her, he had tried all the coal in the valley but he could not make Lady’s steam go. He was sad that he couldn’t take Tasha for the ride he promised her, he married her and she later died. He was saddened and stayed only within Muffle Mountain. He is good friends with Patch who he sees often. His granddaughter is Lily whom he rarely sees. Later he finally made Lady go again and back to the Island of Sodor which he and Lady had met Diesel 10 again. However he was determined not to let Lady down and with the help of Thomas, they sent The Evil Diesel toppling off the Viaduct.



Buster is a Steamroller who goes about his job with pride and content. What Buster lacks in imagination, he makes up for with heart, commitment and hard work, and is liked by all machines in the Pack, for his wonderful enthusiasm and kindness to help with everything. He is number 13 in the Pack but bears no visible number.



Butch (nicknamed “Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit” the ERTL range) is a breakdown vehicle that helps out with road situations and miscellaneous works. His name was only mentioned in “Horrid Lorries” in which he had no visible face. He has never had a proper role within the series. He is usually seen in the background either working or waiting at the airfield to be called for duty.



Byron is a Bulldozer that works for the Pack. He carries out bulldozing work along with leveling the ground. Byron can be sometimes a bit pompous and loud, but he likes to be useful, enthusiastic, reliable and wise. He is number 18 in the Pack.


C. Junior

C. Junior is a member of the Conductor Family and Mr. Conductor’s cousin featured in the movie “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”. He was portrayed by Michael E. Rodgers. Described as a “Beach Bum”, Junior is fun-loving person; he also enjoys relaxing on the beach and playing pranks as Thomas mentions that he stuffed party poppers down his funnel once. He is about 24 centimeters tall but is normal height when on Sodor and the Magic Railroad like Mr. Conductor. He is allergic to grass and easily get motion sickness. At the end he became the new Mr. Conductor.


Captain Baxter

Captain Baxter is an 0-4-0 Dorking Greystone Lime Company Engine. He was built by Fletcher Jennings in 1877 and spent his life working at the Dorking Greystone Limeworks at Betchworth Station; it is here where he gained his mannerism of strong language. In 1960 he came to the Bluebell railway and returned to service after a comprehensive overhaul. He was later overhauled again in 1990 and is currently due for another. Stepney mentioned him to Edward in “Stepney’s Special” stating that they are both friends and both miss pulling Trucks.



Caroline is an elderly vintage car owned by a cricketer from the Elsbridge cricket club. Caroline does not like high speeds as it overheats her engine. She also disliked engines until 1963 when Stepney helped her back to the Cricket field after breaking down while chasing him to catch the Cricket ball that landed in one of Stepney’s Trucks. In 1998 she broke down again while trying to get The Fat Controller to Lady Hatt’s Birthday Party.



Catherine is a Coach who operates with Culdee on the Culdee Fell Railway. Over the years she and Culdee have built up a strong working relationship. Because of that Culdee knows immediately if anything is wrong. She is very safe-cautious and was very concerned about Lord Harry’s recklessness while he took her.


City of Truro

City of Truro is a real life steam engine, built in 1903 that works for the Great Western Railway. The Engines met him when he visited in 1958, which made Gordon boastful about his fast record. He was later referenced in “Thomas & the Great Railway Museum”. His Model for the TV Series was a “Dummy Model” which meant it had no motors and it was later painted as a scrap engine model.



There are Many coaches on the Island of Sodor. These coaches include Gordon's Special Coaches, Express Coaches, Special Coaches, Old Coaches, Orange Coaches, Red Coaches and the Mail Coaches. However these are not the limit to the coaches on the Island just some main coaches.



Colin is a green dockside Crane that works at the Wharf by the Narrow Gauge Railroad, He is a lonely soul deep inside but he is good friends with Freddie. As he’s fixed in place at the Wharf, Colin does feel left out of some of the fun that the narrow gauge engines have.



Cora is a light blue Guards van that was built by Falcon Works in 1885 and came from the Mid-Sodor-Railway while Skarloey was away in 1957. She is used as maintenance and goods trains.



Cranky is a crane that works down at Brendam Docks that arrived in 1998. He bullied Thomas and Percy by delaying their loads, but later got his comeuppance after a Tramp steamer crashed into the shed next to him, knocking him over and had to be rescued by them. Cranky is usually grumpy due to the fact that he is kept working day and night without a rest and his only company are the gulls that sit on his arm. Cranky also enjoys teasing engines and has an extreme dislike of Salty’s stories which caused him to drop his load and knock the shed down. Cranky can be dismantled and moved to different locations which is noted as Cranky constantly changes positions in “Cranky Bugs” and was seen in the yard as Diesel 10 passes by in “Thomas & the Magic Railroad”.



Cromford is an NLR 0-6-0 Goods Tank Engine. He was built in 1880 and was used to shunt and pull light passenger trains around Derbyshire in Devon. Stepney mentioned Cromford to Edward in “Stepney’s Special” while talking about the Bluebell railway. According to Stepney, he and Adams had no names when they arrived and were soon named, they’re Controller is still unaware of this.



Culdee is a mountain Engine named after the railway he climbs on “Culdee Fell”. He was built in Winterthur in Switzerland in 1896 and was used for test runs on the Mountain Railway. He had an overhaul in the 1960’s and while awaiting return to his railway he met The Skarloey Railway Engines and told them stories about his railway. He shocked Sir Handel and Duncan about the story of what happened to Godred. He was then returned to work by Donald.



Cyril is a Fogman who lives in a cottage in Misty Valley. When fog is about, he places detonators on the track to warn engines. He was once replaced by a Fog Horn which had caused a landslide with its horn. After Thomas had crashed into the landslide, he had saved the day by placing a detonator on the track, warning Toby about the Crash.



Daisy is a Diesel Railcar built by Metro-Cammell at Washwood Heath in 1956. She came to Sodor in 1961 after Thomas had crashed into the Stationmaster’s house. Daisy had been very rude to the engines and refused to take the Milk. She also called Toby cowardly for having cowcatchers and side plates until she met up with a Bull. Once the Fat Controller had discovered that she was lazing about, he threatened to send her away. She since then has proved herself really useful. In 1992 she had become stuck in a large snow drift thus leaving Percy and Toby to work for themselves while Thomas was at the Railway Museum. In 2007 she teased Percy for being afraid of grass snakes but got her comeuppance again when a crate of eels broke in front of her.



Dennis is a lazy type of Bulleid (Bull-Eyed) Diesel, built at Ashford Works, England in 1949. He first arrived in 2005 in which he was quite lazy and willing to go to any lengths to get out of doing work.  Thus he tried tricking Thomas into doing his work for him. In an attempt just to leave the truck’s he crashed into a field. After that he is more useful and hard working.



Derek is a BR Class 17 Paxman Diesel built in 1962. He arrived on Sodor in 1998 after Bill and Ben caused trouble at the Quarry. Derek is enthusiastic about his work but cannot work to his full potential since, Derek has problems with his cooling system which is a term dubbed “Teething Troubles” which the twins misunderstand as “a Toothache”. After trying to help the twins he broke down again and the Twins managed to take him back. The Fat Controller states he sent him back to the works. Derek was never named in the series but he is dubbed Derek on the Official site and on products.



Diesel is a scheming BR Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter built at the BR works at Crewe in 1953. When he first arrived in 1957 he grew a strong dislike of Duck and told lies about Duck to get him sent away. He was later sent away after trying to get Henry away as well. He later returned in 1993 to help Duck and Percy out at the Harbor but after crashing some Trucks into the sea, he was sent away again. After Henry had an accident in 2002, he was brought back again and after falling off the docks after being tricked by the Trucks. The Fat Controller finally decided to buy Diesel in 2003. Diesel has been shown to have a good streak every once and a while.


Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is an evil, Powerful Warship Diesel with a large lumbering claw on the top of his roof which he refers to as “Pinchy”. He has tried to destroy Lady and the Magic that holds Sodor together. He ended up crashing her. He returned again many years later, bringing two cronies, Dodge and Splatter. He tried putting an end to the railway and had threatened Mr. Conductor and C. Junior. After Burnett Stone had finally gotten special coal for Lady and returned to Sodor, Diesel 10 started a chase attempting again to put an end to the Magic. He ended up falling off the collapsing Viaduct and landing on a Barge. The deleted character P.T. Boomer was his villain supplementary. In “Calling All Engines”, He apparently redeemed his ways and used “Pinchy” for good and used it to clear lines of rubble and other matter. In the end he helped them clear the fallen Airport water tower from the line in order for Thomas to get George.


In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” he was voiced by Neil Crone however the role had originally gone to Australian actor, Keith Scott.


Driver and Fireman

The Drivers and Firemen are essential to making sure the engines are running. They operate in the cabs of the engines and do the jobs that make sure the engines get to their destinations on time and that the engine gets there in one piece. The firemen's main job is to shovel coal from the bunker or tender of the engine into the firebox. The driver's main job is controlling the engine and checking speed, steam and brakes. The driver also has to sand the rails when necessary. Diesels don't have firemen but have a "second man" instead. The driver and firemen usually joke around with the engine and have to explain things to them a lot of the time. In “Thomas & the Magic Railroad” the engines don’t have Drivers or Fireman and have the ability to move themselves.



Dodge along with his brother Splatter is one of Diesel 10’s bumbling cronies. They are two Diesel Shunters that are rather unintelligent. They worked alongside Diesel 10 whom referred to them “Splodge” stating that he doesn’t have time to remember both names. They would regularly look out while the Boss was off scheming and they would his bidding. Eventually the two got tired of their boss and refused to help him chase Thomas and Lady. The redeemed their ways but what they’re doing now is up to speculation. Dodge seemed to be the more intelligent of the two.


Dodge was voiced by Kevin Frank.



Dolgoch is Rheneas’ Twin and a real life engine that Rheneas is based on. He, along with Rheneas, Skarloey and Talyllyn by Fletcher Jennings and Co. Dolgoch continued to operate the service single handedly until 1952 when Edward Thomas came available and was then a subject of a prolonged overhaul between 1954 and 1963. He is now running in a Dark Red Paint like Rheneas.



Donald along with his Twin Douglas is a Scottish tender engine originally known by his number 57646. He was built by John F. Mclntosh at St. Rollox works in 1899 and worked on the Caledonian Railway. One of them were arranged to go to Sodor but the Fat Controller was baffled to find two engines. He gave the two engines numbers, Donald 9 and Douglas 10. He was still deciding between which engine to send back. Donald would later crash into a signal box at Tidmouth and had to get his tender mended. After this Percy and the others convinced the Fat Controller to let the two engines stay otherwise they would be scrapped. The twins now work along the main line and do odd jobs with Duck and Oliver on his branch line.



Douglas along with his Twin Donald is a Scottish tender engine originally known by his number 57647. He was built by John F. Mclntosh at St. Rollox works in 1899 and worked on the Caledonian Railway. One of them were arranged to go to Sodor but the Fat Controller was baffled to find two engines. He gave the two engines numbers, Donald 9 and Douglas 10. He was still deciding between which engine to send back. Douglas had shunted Thomas’ Special Coach in the siding with the others filled with passengers, much to their fury; this incident is what apparently made The Fat Controllers decision to send Douglas back at first. However this decision changed after Donald had crashed into a Signal box and Douglas had to manage his work. Then while helping James up Gordon’s Hill he had broken up the Spiteful Breakvan. After that incident, the Fat Controller could not make up his mind on which to send back. After this Percy and the others convinced the Fat Controller to let the two engines stay otherwise they would be scrapped. The twins now work along the main line and do odd jobs with Duck and Oliver on his branch line.



Douglas is a real life engine that works on the Talyllyn railway. Duncan is based off of Douglas. Douglas was built in 1918 and worked on the RAF Railway at Calshot Spit, Southampton from 1921 to 1945. Between 2001 and 2008, Douglas was painted Red and Blue and runs under the guise of Duncan for children. He is currently under an overhaul.


Dowager Hatt

Mrs. Dowager Hatt is the Fat Controller’s mother and Stephen and Bridget Hatt’s great grandmother. She has a Dalmatian named “Gremlin” as seen in the Season 5 episode “Gordon & the Gremlins”.


Duchess of Hamilton

Duchess of Hamilton is a real life engine that makes a cameo in “Thomas & the Great Railway Show”. She was built in 1938 and made a trip to the US in 1939. In 1947, her streamlining was removed for maintenance-efficiency reasons. After the end of steam, she was brought to Butlin’s Holiday Camp, where she was on display with Stepney’s brother Knowle. After this she was bought by the National Railway Museum.



Montague (named Duck, named after his supposed waddle) is a Great Western pannier tank, built by Charles B. Collet at Swindon Works in 1929. Duck was brought to do work in Knapford in 1956 to take over Percy’s shunting duties. Duck was a hard worker though naturally the bigger engines tried to order him about. Duck took no nonsense. He and Percy got their revenge and blocked them from Tidmouth Sheds. When Diesel arrived, Duck tried to be a help but Diesel was pompous about being Revolutionary so Duck played a trick on Diesel. Diesel told lies about Duck to the Trucks saying that he told jokes about Gordon, Henry and James. Due to this Duck was punished by having to shunt with Edward at Wellsworth. After bravely stopping a runaway goods train at his own risk regained the respect of the others. Duck continued to work on the main lines doing goods work until 1968. Duck was then given his own Branch Line running from Tidmouth to Arlesburgh which he shares with Donald, Douglas and Oliver. After Oliver was rescued from scrap, The Fat Controller gave Duck some coaches named Alice and Mirabel. Duck’s personal motto is “There are two ways of doing things, the Great Western way, or the wrong way”. After the arrival of Emily in Season 7 of the TV Series, Duck has disappeared. Emily has since gained the title of Number 8. Duck returned however in Season 12.



Duke is a small Narrow Gauge tender engine, named after the Duke of Sodor. Duke was built in 1879. He worked on the Mid Sodor Railway along with Sir Handel and Peter Sam who were known back then as Falcon and Stuart. When the Mid Sodor Railway closed, Stuart and Falcon were bought by the Thin Controller while Duke was left in his shed at Arlesdale. In 1970, a search to find where Duke is set out leaded by Mr. Fergus Duncan, Reverend Teddy Boston and Reverend W. Awdry and was taken to Crovan’s Gate by Road halfway and by rail taken by Rheneas and Skarloey. He soon became part of the Thin Controller’s railway as Number 8 though he’d rather not wear the number.



Duncan is a 0-4-0WT built by Andrew Barclay at Kilmarnock in 1918 and worked at a factory in Scotland, which is apparently the source of his strong language. In 1958, Duncan was sent as a spare engine after Peter Sam had an accident with some trucks. Duncan was rude and arrogant at first, but was humbled after derailing while doing “rock ‘n’ roll” and had to be rescued by Rusty who Duncan detested for being a Diesel. Duncan now tries to be a really useful engine but he seems to forget any lesson he learned in the past.



Eagle or known more commonly as The Red Engine is a red L&YR Class 25 tender engine like James. He was built in 1897 and came to Sodor in 1922. The Red Engine was first seen asleep while all the other engines were teasing Edward for being small and was cross when the driver took out Edward. When Henry stayed in a tunnel, Eagle tried to push him out but with no success. Eagle tends to work around Normanby Beach with another engine named Hunter which explains his absence in the Railway Series.



Edward is a blue elderly mixed traffic engine built in 1896 and worked on the Furness Railway before coming to Sodor in 1920 to finish the building of the North Western Railway. After his work was done he was kept in the shed, to the delight of the other engines who teased him for being small. Eventually Edward was let out by his Driver and Fireman who felt sorry for him. Edward proves that what he lacks in strength he makes up with work ethic. Edward runs the Wellsworth-Brendam line along with BoCo, Donald and Douglas (on occasion). He is used as a pilot engine on occasion, helping other engines up Gordon’s Hill. Edward is wise and reliable but sometimes he can have a foolish nature such as mocking Harvey and Rocky when they first came and his misjudgment in “Steady Eddie” as well as in “Edward & the Mail”. His driver and Fireman are named Charlie and Sidney as revealed in “Bertie’s Chase”. Edward is also stated to be the only one who can keep Bill and Ben in order. Edward is Number 2.


Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas is a real life Narrow Gauge Engine built in 1921 by Kerr, Stuart and Co. ltd for use on the Corris Railway and worked there until the lines closure in 1948. He was purchased by the Talyllyn railway in 1951 and named for its former manager. Peter Sam is based on him. Until 2000, Edward Thomas ran under the guise of Peter Sam in red livery. He then had an extensive overhaul that was completed in 2004.



Elizabeth is an old vintage sentinel lorry. Before becoming the Controller of the North Western Railway, Sir Topham Hatt owned Elizabeth and according to her, he was not the best driver. Elizabeth for unknown reasons was kept in an old shed near Thomas’ Branch Line. She was not uncovered until Thomas had broken his side rods while taking a Goods Train. Thomas’ Driver and Fireman used her to go to the works and get Thomas a new pair of Side rods. She now does odd jobs around the Island but mostly works at the Slate Mines on the Skarloey Railway and at Yards along the Main Line.



Ellie is a coach that operates with Eric on the Culdee Fell Railway. Her fat since Eric’s retirement is unknown.



Elsie is a small luggage van that operates with Toby, Henrietta and Victoria. After Toby’s line closed, Elsie was brought with Toby and Henrietta to Sodor. Elsie is rarely used by them but she is very useful. She was created by the Rev. W Awdry but she was never featured in any Railway Series stories. A model of her was featured however in Awdry’s model railway of the Ffarquhar. She shares a carriage shed with Henrietta.



Emily is a Dark Green Stirling Single, built by Patrick Stirling at Doncaster Works in 1870. Emily arrived to Sodor in 2003. Emily acts as a sisterly figure to the others, but can get into trouble or be fussy and bossy. She’s a lot nicer and wiser than she lets on. When she first arrived, she had taken Annie and Clarabel by accident much to the dismay of Thomas and the other engines. After she saved Oliver and Toad from an accident when the stuck on the cross points, she was awarded with her own set of coaches named Martha and Jennifer. Emily, since her arrival has become number 8 in the main stream of engines dubbed “The Steam Team” replacing Duck. After Duck, Donald, Douglas and Oliver’s return in Season 12, it is rumored that she will carry a Number 12 on her tender.



Eric is a mountain Engine that works on the Culdee Fell Railway. He was built in 1923 and arrived on Sodor in 1962. Eric is a Nice and Quiet engine who operates with a coach named Ellie. According to “The Real Lives of Thomas the Tank Engine”, he and Alaric have been retired. In the Railway Series, he was painted the standard Purple with Orange Lines, In the Thomas & Friends magazines; he was painted black with white lining.



Ernest is a Mountain Railway Engine that operates with his coach Nora. He was built at Winterthur, Switzerland in 1895. He informed Culdee about the changes in operation while he was away for an overhaul. Ernest was painted in the traditional Purple with Orange stripes while in the magazines, he was painted Blue with Red Lining.


Farmer McColl

Farmer McColl is a Farmer that owns a farm along the line. He first appeared in the Story “Toby had a Little Lamb” in which he was unnamed (He was named in the Michael Brandon re-narration of the story however). Toby had to help him out as his sheep were giving birth in the field during a fierce snow storm. The fierce conditions made it hard for Toby to get the Vet to Farmer McColl however he bravely made it. After words, he let the lambs stay in Henrietta. Since Season 8’s “Emily’s Adventure”, he has become a recurring character. And since Season 6, the tracks that run past his farm have gone from one desolate line on Toby’s Branch Line to three lines that the engines use regularly. The engines tend to enjoy visiting him and his animals, Thomas and Toby especially.



Fergus is a small blue railway traction engine who is pride of the cement works. Fergus was built by Aveling and Porter in 1926. Fergus always plays by the rules and he is famed by his catchphrase “do it right”. He first arrived to the Railway in 2003 to help in the Quarry with Bill, Ben and Mavis. His “do it right” attitude annoyed Bill and Ben who where as usual, making trouble. Which at one point they ignored his advice to be careful while the workmen blasted rocks while taking the large Rock Crusher. Once an avalanche started, Fergus came out of his siding and shoved Bill and Ben out of the way and thus covering himself with rocks. Since that, he and the Twins are good friends. His “do it right” attitude would later annoy Diesel when the Fat Controller brought him to the Cement Works to help out. Diesel lied to Fergus that The Fat Controller wanted him to work at the Smelter’s yard with Arry and Bert saying that he was no longer the pride of the cement works. Fergus was frightened by the Smelters shed and ran off, for the first time breaking the rules. He however would later find out that Diesel lied and was still the pride of the cement works. Fergus used to be green before coming to Sodor.



Flora is a Yellow Mosley Road Tramway Steam Tram. She was built in 1904 and was later rebuilt into standard gauge. When Flora first arrived to Sodor in 2008, the Fat Controller ordered Thomas to show her about. Thomas tried to keep her a secret from Toby as he was supposed to lead the parade and that he wouldn’t feel special as being the only Steam Tram on Sodor. However Toby was pleased to see another engine to lead the parade as he was feeling rather nervous about it. At the parade, Flora was given a Double Decker Coach.


Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman is a LNER Class A3 4-6-2 and also the last of Gordon’s brothers. He was built in 1923 and came to Sodor in 1968. He holds the record for being the first engine to successfully run 100mph. He was sent to Sodor to cheer up Gordon when he was feeling down about hearing about Diesel’s taking over railways. The Flying Scotsman stayed on Sodor and left after Douglas saved Oliver from Scrap. He appeared in the TV Series but only his tenders were seen sticking out of a station shed at Brendam. The Flying Scotsman is now preserved at the National Railway Museum.


Foreign Engine

The Foreign Engine or sometimes known as the Big City Engine is a tender engine from LMS built at Crewe in 1934. He once came to Sodor and argued with Duck and Gordon about the name of Kings Cross. Gordon argued it was Kings Cross, Foreign Engine argued Euston and Duck argued Paddington. The argument continued even after the engine left.



Frank is a small Diesel engine that works on the Arlesdale Railway. He is a hard worker however his temper can get him into trouble. Which also cause him to crash into the back of the engine shed. However like any other Engine, Frank likes to be useful and he works hard to prove so. He is sometimes called upon when an engine breaks down so he can rescue them. Frank is stated to have been named Peter before coming to Sodor in 1990.



Fred is a Narrow Gauge Diesel and Number 9 on the Railway. He was built by Hunslet Engine Co. in 1959 and arrived on Sodor in 1989. He used mostly for maintenance and engineering works. According to “Sodor: Reading Between the Lines”, the Skarloey railway had purchased two worn out Hunslet Diesels from the National Coal Boards and constructed Fred from the both of them. In “Speedkiller” it was mentioned that Fred was ill by Rusty. However like Dennis, Fred is lazy Diesel Engine and goes to great lengths to get out of work. He has never officially appeared but his description is as being Charcoal-Black with Yellow lining and White lettering.


Fred Pelhay

Fred Pelhay is an Orange Private Owners Truck with “FRED PELHAY Coal Co.” written on his sides. He makes a cameo in the first illustration of “Toad Stands By” seen laughing with the other Trucks. It is not Clear weather Fred is his name or the owner’s name. His release in the Wooden Railway Range states that is his name but this is probably for the convenience of labeling.



Fearless Freddie is an old warhorse engine, built in 1906 and his arrival on Sodor is unknown but he returned in 2006 after an unknown absence. Freddie was at one time the fastest engine of the hills. Upon returning Freddie had challenged Skarloey and Rheneas to a race but once he found out he isn’t as fast as he used to be and he took a shortcut unknown to the two engines. However after Rheneas crashed in a field, Freddie put his knowledge to better use and helped Rheneas out and admitted his mistake. Freddie is also Number 7 in the Narrow Gauge Railway, a Number that was claimed by Ivo Hugh in the Railway Series.

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